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our puppies are all spoken for this season
consider a retiree or 
becoming a guardian family for
one of our dogs!

Poodles and Cavapoos
expected to arrive Late July
& go home in the fall


male unaltered 17lbs 1.5 years old
AKC Mini Poodle

Blizzard is so loving and social! He has fathered 2 litters and is a very happy snuggly and athletic guy. He has been professionally trained and finally comes when called. He is potty trained, crate trained, and so willing to please! Would do well with an active family with or without children. He gets along with all dogs given a few minutes to be introduced. Would also be a good stud dog for the right program! Blizzard is available NOW. Perfect health! We are just going a different direction with our program & want to see blizzard get the one on one love and care he craves. 

Coi 3%

Totally CLEAR! Health Panel (embark) 
OFA's all passed including Eyes!

ee KBky Intermediate Red aya Bb Ssp NN DD

Curl Results: FF C/- (Can produce straight, curly and wavy nonshed)

4,500 Companion 7,000 With Breeding Rights


Female 17lbs spayed
AKC Mini Poodle

Freya is such a special girl! Newly retired and in her golden years she is about 4 years old and has had some incredible puppies! One of which is Blizzard! Freya has such a sweet and lighthearted personality. She loves everyone an always has a fluttery happy tail. She is great at all training commands and loves children. She is very athletic so if she does leave us she will absolutely have to go home to a loving family with space to RUN and children that she can love on and be loved by. Freya would especially be treasured in a home with a child that NEEDS an emotional support animal. She is not nervous or sensitive to sounds. She has a tiny little darling bark that is not triggering so would be incredible with people sensitive to sound because she doesn't really make any. We will be picky about where she goes. Grandma Freya Deserves the BEST! And we know what will suit her. One on one love and attention, children and space to roam and adventures in full supply. If this speaks to your family don't hesitate to reach out! Freya has had no complications in any of her pregnancies or labor and delivery. She's healthy & in the prime of her life! 

3,500 Companion


male unaltered 10lbs 1 year old
Toy Poodle

Westley is such a sweet tiny little guy! We are looking for a nice calm local family ready to add a pup to their family! He is available for guardianship only. He would do incredible with a family with or without children but only ones that are patient and gentle. He loves everyone and is very tolerant and always quiet. Guardianship requires you to be local 3-6 years. He would be added to your family but we would retain breeding rights for him and need to schedule breeding and play dates. 

NO COST - Must be located within 45 minutes of Idaho Falls, ID

our puppy history!

Please check out our Instagram @frecklepawfamily for additional & updated pictures! There are countless video's in out highlights and so much history there and tons of training tips! All of our puppies have been Moyen Poodles, Mini Poodles, Toy Poodles, Mini Cavapoos, and Toy Cavapoos. So much cuteness! Impossible to pick a favorite!

f1b cavapoo puppies
akc mini poodle puppies
phantom cavapoo and mini poodle puppies
red tuxedo toy poodle puppy
rare coloring cavapoos sable apricot tuxedo apricot abstract and tricolor parti cavapoo
summer cavapoos intense red cavapoo phantom cavapoo nonshedding non-shedding
parti poodle mini poodle
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