Breeder Home Application
It is first and foremost our goal to provide puppies a safe and loving home. Please consider whether your program provides this before proceeding. Puppies will only go to homes with breeding rights / non-spay/neuter contract once all fields are filled and only if application is approved. If your application is approved we will contact you to set up a day and time for a video tour of your home which is the last step in securing approval for breeding rights.
Some fields may not apply; please type NA or None when appropriate
How long have you been breeding dogs?
How many breeding dogs do you have in your program?
How many dogs live in home with you?
What Breed of Puppy are you Looking for?
Do you have a color Preference?
Do you have a gender Preferance?
If you are looking for something very specific; color, confirmation, size, please specify below:
Describe the health & genetic testing you do on your dogs you plan to breed:
Do you participate in breeding as a kennel, a small in home breeder? Do you re-home dogs when they retire or do you have guardian homes? Please describe you dogs day to day living and the level of human interaction they receive:
We want to know how much enrichment you give your breeding dogs and your puppies. Do you participate in special training or have certifications for improved puppy raising? Do you participate in dog shows where your dogs compete? Are you registered as responsible breeder dog club? Please include as many details as possible. 
Please provide the name and phone number of your Veterinarian. You will need to call them and notify them that they can discuss with us the care and maintenance of your dogs.
Tell us about you - Hobbies, Occupation, family:
Where will puppy live? Where will puppy stay during the day? & the night?
Tell us about your living situation:
When are you hoping to bring puppy home? Our current wait is 3-9 months
Do you have any questions for us? or other relevant information you would like to provide?

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