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When my husband (Brock) and I were first married he didn't want kids or puppies, and so I told him he could have me and puppies or he could have a divorce. Guess which one he chose? Well since then we've tried many breeds of dog - just trying to find the right one to suit our family. Then our first son came along who had severe allergies.  Well I wasn't going to live life without my son or some kind of dog, so we switched from shih tzu's to poodles. It did not happen overnight! When I tell people to think and research a breed before committing to that addition, it may not be without going on a journey. Anyway, we finally found a comfortable spot in the poodle breed, and the more I learned about them, the more I became interested in the responsible breeding side of things. Just an FYI: profits (if any) go towards the therapy and care of my husband who suffered a major Hypoxic Brain Injury in 2002. My passion for the well-being and care of these dogs also serves as an outlet to support my husband in his struggles with recovery.  For those of you who know anything about this kind of thing, you know that improvement if any is gradual and comes at immense cost and patience. Thankfully, he's a (sometimes know-it-all) genius and kept about all of his mental faculties, he just has a hard time walking, talking, and pretty much any fine motor skill. So know that if you get a puppy from us it comes from a home full of love and daily intention to be the best we can be, while excepting and forgivng eachother for being the perfectly imperfect people we are. Thanks for reading!