Frequently asked questions

Are Poodles Right for our Family?

In selecting a pet for your family there are so many aspects to consider! The first and simplest way to start is by learning about what your family needs and expects from a dog. Once you've nailed down your requirements you can even take an short online quiz with animal planets dog breed selector. It will tell you breeds that may suit your family. When we were first starting out we watched nearly all the animal planet dogs 101 videos and went from there. Its helpful to talk to dog owners of the breed you are interested in & to read blogs & books. A dog is a big commitment but an amazing one if you choose the right breed for your family dynamic and train them well! We needed a dog that was very hypoallergenic, could tolerate a cold climate, versatile to large and small environments, easily trainable / intelligent, loyal, and active. If those are qualities you are searching for in a dog a poodle may be the right choice for you.

What testing has been done on your Dams? & Sires?

Our breeding dogs are tested for Genetic inherited diseases appropriate for their breed and often we will also do a full genetic panel just to get deeper information about color. Pennhip is done prior to 6 months & appropriate OFA testing is done at 2 years.Our breeding dogs come from health tested parents.


These tests help ensure proper coat furnishings and healthy puppies. Results are available to view at request.

Can you test my puppy for healthy genetics for me?

Genetic testing is usually only a necessity for dogs intended for breeding. All of our breeding dogs have had the appropriate genetic testing. If a puppy's mom and dad is 'clear' the puppies from that entire litter are clear by parentage. If a parent carries any genetic disorder this does not mean a puppy will ever have symptoms. A puppy must have 2 copies to have the possibility of showing symptoms. Any puppies with a carrier parent that are being considered for breeding potential will be tested within the 2nd week of life & results should be back by the time the puppy is 6 weeks of age.

What kind of health screening is done on my puppy before I take him/her home?

Each puppy will be checked thoroughly by a certified veterinarian in the following areas: Skin & Coat, Eyes,  Musculoskeletal, Body Condition, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Ears, Urogenital, & Gastrointestinal. Results of this screening will be documented on a veterinary report which will be provided in your puppies file in the puppy packet. Any abnormal findings if any are found will be disclosed to you as far in advance as possible (shortly after examination).

What training do you provide puppies with before going home?

Our puppy training includes potty training, and early positive exposure to puppy crate & carrier. We take this training as far as we can for each puppy. They are each at different levels and we cater to them each specifically. Puppies also receive early exposure to new things, early neurological stimulation and noise desensitization. The teaching / training helps your puppy form an open mindset to experiencing and enjoying new things. This also serves to strengthen your puppies stress tolerance so that your puppy can deal with stress or frustration in a positive way. The continuation of this training is crucial and should be followed by obedience training so that the line of communication between you and your puppy can stay open, positive and productive. Our recommendations and instructions will be included in your puppy packet for reference. NOW INCORPORATING THE BADASS BREEDER METHOD

What's in the Puppy Package?

Your puppy package will include the following: Thorough Veterinary Report, Vaccines and Dewormer History & Schedule, Microchip Registration document (microchip will already be inserted), Copy of your puppys' 2-year health Guarantee & Sale Agreement, scented toys and blanket, 30 days free Trupanion pet insurance, training clicker Freckle Paw Bag, Puppy transition food, Puppy Litter (to continue potty training), 'An Instruction sheet for the first night & we will send a video chat to your phone about your specific puppys' progress and recommendations for continued growth and training.

Can you fly my puppy to me? What are the details?

We do not ship our puppies, but can recommend some wonderful puppy nanny's. We can also meet you in person at the Salt Lake City International Airport on a specific date to reduce the number of trips we need to make and coordinate for transport. Fees associated with separated transport will be calculated on a case by case basis..

Can I come see the puppies in person?

We are no longer allowing in home visitors but we are happy to facetime if you ever just want to see your puppy. This is only available to families with deposits down who have chosen, or are choosing their puppy!  This policy has changed for the health and safety of our puppies and we hope you can understand. 

Where are your puppies raised?

Our puppies are raised in home with us! Puppies will also be exposed to the outdoors and have some experience with crate training and alone time before going to their new home to help make their transition into your family.

I can't come see my puppy before pick up, can you guys face-time or send me video's?

Yes, we are able to facetime, Marco Polo & send video to you.

Do you allow breeding rights or full registration?

We will grant breeding rights, but we do not always have this option available for several reasons. Breeding rights are only available to very select homes & only for worthy puppies. We only allow a few spots for breeders and often this is full since we only take on a few at a time.  If there is any abnormality found during a puppies veterinary health check he/she will not be eligible for Full Registration. We thoroughly screen interested families through a series of questions followed by an in home inspection (when possible) or home tour via FaceTime. We are now including testing for any puppy with a parent that is a carrier for a disease on the poodle panel. Cost of full registration/non-spay/neuter contract is $6,000-$10,000.

When should I get my puppy spayed / Neutered? Do you have a policy on that?

Each breed is different and vets may recommend different things. However, as far as our contract goes, all puppies going home with Limited Registrations will be required to be spayed / neutered by the age of 1 & no younger than 8 months old. You may or may not be required to provide proof. We have this policy to help prevent unwanted / unplanned litters and prevent the unethical breeding of our precious puppies. Did you know dogs who are left unaltered have a higher chance of cancer? Unaltered dogs also are more prone to misbehavior and obedience issues even with professional training. Our spay / neuter policy is in place to protect our puppies. We want our puppies to live long happy & healthy lives.

How many dogs do you own? And what breeds do you specialize in?

The number is always changing because sometimes a pup we hoped to add to our program will fail a test and this results in some coming and going. We have agreed as husband and wife we are looking to keep our program small. No more than 4 active mammas at a time, and preferably the smaller the better so we can give each pup as much time as they deserve without sacrificing more than we need to for our families own quality time.

How do deposits work? How much is each puppy total?

Once your application is approved and we confirm availability and timing with you, we can then accept your deposit to hold your puppy registration spot through Venmo or Zelle. Deposit amount is $500. Puppy selection will be made in order deposits are received. If you pay your deposit prior to puppies are born and choose not to select a puppy from the litter your deposit can be 'transferred' to apply another puppy (if available) or to a puppy in a future litter. Deposits are transferable but not refundable.  Payment in full is required no later than when your puppy reaches 6 weeks old.Your puppy price will be between $4,500 with Limited Registration and $6,000-$10,000 with Full Registration (or/ non-spay/neuter contracts). Full Registration price depends on confirmation, registration, color & genetics. All puppies going to homes with no intention of breeding will be required to sign a spay/neuter agreement. If you decide to keep your puppy with us for an extended period of time, your puppy will need to participate in our extended training program which takes their basic level of training to the next level! This service is $250 weekly and is due in advance on the day puppies would have otherwise gone home without the extended training program. Generally 8 weeks old, 9 if a toy size.